Resources for DepressionMy prayer for you and this space:

That you would find comfort and healing, and not walk alone.


Depression and anxiety are very real conditions that deserve respect and compassion. I am a survivor of depression, but I am not a doctor or therapist, so if you (or a loved one) are suffering, I strongly urge you to find a doctor or therapist to help you so you don’t walk alone. Please seek professional help. I waited more than 20 years to ask for help. Please… Don’t wait.  You do not have to walk through this alone.  While I am not the person to give you professional help, I am a fellow struggler, so it is my simple hope to share the help, resources, and encouragement that have helped me in the times where there just seems to be no light or joy at all.

The resources below are my way of breaking the silence and setting up opportunities for conversations to happen.  Find someone to talk to… and let them help. 

“Because silence feeds stigma and keeps those in CRISIS from asking for help.”
– Shaun Groves

Find someone to talk to, and let them help. 

Resource Links:

Suicide Prevention: If you or someone you know needs help, please visit the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. You can also reach the Crisis Text Line by texting “START” to 741-741. Head here for a list of crisis centers around the world.

  • DEPRESSION and SADNESS Are Not the Same Thing A great article to help explain depression  to someone who hasn’t experienced it.  
  • Through A Glass Darkly  An accurate and compassionate picture of what it’s like to experience Depression.  This one is long, but packed with truth, statistics, compassion and the most accurate description of battling depression I’ve ever read.  I broke down and cried when I read it, because there was someone else out there who felt what I felt.  If you struggle to understand what a loved one is going through, this is your go-to resource.  This post is by Shaun Groves in the days after his father-in-law was killed by Depression.  It contains the transcript of a funeral service preached by Shaun’s father in law,Phil Lineberger for his dear friend John Petty, who was also killed by depression.  Please take the time to read it through.  I promise it’s worth your time and energy.
  • What it’s like explaining depression to many people… A cartoon illustration of what it’s like to explain that Depression sometimes has biological roots that need to be treated with medicine, just as a disease like Diabetes needs medicine. This cartoon also portrays the struggle people have with faith and depression.
  • Find a Christian Counselor in your area
  • Shaun Groves: Because SILENCE feeds STIGMA and keeps those in crisis from asking for help

Words, Prayers, and Messages of Hope:

Sometimes a gentle reminder or word of encouragement helps.  Below are some that have been particularly helpful to me.



Check back soon… I’m working on adding additional resources.