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Put Down Your Phone... A #write31days series via by Michelle R. Acker


Our phones are useful, convenient, and fun. But they are also sneaky time-stealers, huge sources of distraction, and damaging to our relationships. They are changing us, impacting our kids, and shaping our culture in an insidious way. Instead of letting our technology rule our lives, let’s build a legacy of healthy relationships, being present, and connecting with each other face to face. Isn’t that the legacy you want to leave? I know it is for me.

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Day # 7: Don’t Put Me on Pause

{ 31 Ways to Put Down Your Phone}


Have you met Jon?

Jon Acuff  is one of my favorite authors because he is wicked funny, generously helpful, and seems like a genuinely likeable guy. He writes about business and careers, bravery and hope, but really he’s a life skills guy. We can all benefit from advice like take time to build relationships, and it’s not all about you -what can you do to help others?  Jon works hard, puts priority on his family, calls himself out when he messes up, and uses his influence to make a difference… check out what he’s doing with the new #LightTheWayHome Project!

His secret weapon

One of the biggest things I like about Jon Acuff is he frequently gives his wife Jenny credit for supporting him, improving his writing/books, and giving him ideas.  I know nothing about Jenny Acuff except what I’ve learned online from Jon, and yet she seems like the kind of person I’d really enjoy having a conversation with and getting to know.

In fact, today’s #31WaysToPutDownYourPhone comes straight from Jenny via Jon’s book, Do Over.   One day, while they were out together, Jon picked up his phone and let it interrupt whatever they were doing.  “Don’t put me on pause,” Jenny told him, explaining that by picking up his phone, he was putting her on pause.

Don’t put me on pause

Ouch. That one struck home for me. How many times have I said, “just a minute,” or “hang on,” while I put the real life person in front of me on pause?  How many times was that interruption worth it?  Was it actually important or urgent enough to put that person on pause? Very rarely, I’d say.  Very rarely.  And yet I do it all the time.

I don’t like it either

Not only do I put people on pause all too often, but how many times have I been frustrated or felt underappreciated or not valued when someone put me on pause? I don’t like it one bit.  Yet it’s a habit I have myself. Is this the legacy I want to leave? Putting the people I value most on hold while I check my phone to see what happened somewhere else? No! This is not the legacy I want at all. I want my loved ones and friends and even my co-workers to know that they are more important than whatever ding! beep! or ring! noise my phone is making.

This is not an easy process, but it will be worth it

This takes work. W.O.R.K.   Using the Do Not Disturb feature we learned about the other day will help.  But you have to also train yourself to not react like Pavlov’s dog to every sound or buzz your phone makes.  Be present. If you’re with someone, especially if you’re in a conversation with someone, and your phone tries to grab your attention? Just say no. Put your phone on pause, not your people.

Bonus Note:

Jon’s latest book, Do Over, is a crazy good read.  I listened to it on Audible in the car, and since Jon is the narrator, it was like listening to him speak at an event. When my 13 year old was in the car with me and heard the end of the book, he liked it so much he asked if we could listen from the beginning. “Mom, this book has stuff in it that will help me in life!”  That’s a teenage miracle  in my book.  So I’ve listened twice now.  Absolutely worth it.  Check it out here.

Put Down Your Phone... A #write31days series via by Michelle R. AckerFind the full Put Down Your Phone series here.

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