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Put Down Your Phone... A #write31days series via by Michelle R. Acker


Our phones are useful, convenient, and fun. But they are also sneaky time-stealers, huge sources of distraction, and damaging to our relationships. They are changing us, impacting our kids, and shaping our culture in an insidious way. Instead of letting our technology rule our lives, let’s build a legacy of healthy relationships, being present, and connecting with each other face to face. Isn’t that the legacy you want to leave? I know it is for me. You can find the full story behind this series here.

Day #6: Send a Postcard to a Friend

{ 31 Ways to Put Down Your Phone}

A Quick, Fun Challenge

Today we’re going to do something quick and simple that makes a difference to someone you know.  In the time you might have spent on your phone checking Facebook (or Twitter or Pinterest or email), take a quick minute to send a postcard to a friend. Choose someone you appreciate, and write them a {very} short note to say thanks, encourage them, or invite them to coffee.

Who will you choose?

Send your postcard to a friend who lives across the country, or someone you see every week at church.  The coffee part will be hard if you choose someone across the country, but even cross-country coffee dates are do-able with modern technology like Skype, Facetime, and Google Hangouts.

What if I don’t have one?

Don’t have a postcard just lying around?  I didn’t either, but I found some in my local grocery store right near the checkout lane.  Grab one while you’re there shopping for dinner.  Many grocery stores even sell stamps stamps at the customer service desk, so grab a stamp while you’re there too.  Or stop by a store like Walgreens, CVS or Walmart and pick up both your postcard and stamp.  Psst: You might want to grab a few extra while you’re there.  We’ll send another postcard later this month, and it’s an incredibly easy way to brighten someone’s day.  You’ll be amazed at how fun it is!

What’s it worth to you?

Note:  In the event your store doesn’t have postcard stamps, consider this:  the difference between a postcard stamp and a regular stamp is only 14 cents.  I don’t advocate being wasteful and spending more than you need to on a regular basis, but for just one postcard?  Your time and effort to drive to the post office for a special stamp is probably worth 14 cents. Then, when you have a chance, stop by the Post Office  or USPS.com and pick up a book of postcard stamps for only $7 for future use. Easy Peasy.

Put Down Your Phone... A #write31days series via by Michelle R. Acker

Find the full Put Down Your Phone series here.

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