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Put Down Your Phone... A #write31days series via by Michelle R. Acker


Our phones are useful, convenient, and fun. But they are also sneaky time-stealers, huge sources of distraction, and damaging to our relationships. They are changing us, impacting our kids, and shaping our culture in an insidious way. Instead of letting our technology rule our lives, let’s build a legacy of healthy relationships, being present, and connecting with each other face to face. Isn’t that the legacy you want to leave? I know it is for me. You can find the full story behind this series here.

A note of  apology:
Dear friends and readers, I apologize for promising you 31 days of writing and then going silent for a full week. It was not my intention to let you down, but it happened anyway because: LIFE. Particularly, 4th GRADE LIFE. 4th grade is hard, y’all. It’s a crazy jump up in classwork and homework and responsibility, and in our house, both mama and 4th grader are struggling to adjust together. And last week, that relationship needed pouring into. The whole point of “Put Down Your Phone” is to be more present in our real lives, in our relationships, in what really matters. It’s amazing and wonderful how embracing this simple change then starts to impact your life in other ways. It wakes you up and allows you to easily see your real priorities.

Last week that priority for me was my son, and I fell behind in publishing here. I’m sorry for that, and yet I’m not. I made the right choice. However, I still have a promise to you to keep, and I’ve been struggling for a couple of days to figure out how best to do that. I am invested in bringing you this series, but I also don’t want to simply throw up a week’s worth of posts just to get us caught up. This series is all laid out, and I’ve carefully planned the sequence of posts to build on one another and even to coincide with certain days of the week. So catching up became super tricky. After much consideration, this is what we’re going to do: We’re going to continue today with Monday, Day 5 and go from there. Will we be done by the end of October? No. Are we doing Day 5 on the 12th of October? Yes. But will we still make it through the full 31 ways? Absolutely. It’s my promise to you. Also? This entire series will be bundled together into an ebook once we’re done. If you’re a subscriber here, you’ll get it and some other fun bonuses for free. Thanks for being patient and understanding. -M

Day # 5: Do Not Disturb

{ 31 Ways to Put Down Your Phone}

How’s it going so far?

It’s Monday. How have you done so far? Did you rest and put your phone down yesterday afternoon? Did you make it all afternoon? Did you not do so well? No judgements, here. We all struggle with this, especially in the beginning. The point is not to be perfect about it, but to be intentional about it. So if you failed yesterday or last week? Forghedaboudit. Yesterday’s over. How are you being intentional about today? That’s the important part.

Repeat after me: Do Not Disturb

My three favorite letters are DND. They’re shorthand code for Do Not Disturb, exactly like in a hotel when you hang the sign on your door. Did you know that just like in a hotel, your phone has a Do Not Disturb feature?  I recently learned how to use this feature and it has rapidly become my new favorite tool for getting work done and being productive.

The Ironic Put Down Your Phone Productivity Tool

Huh? You’re using your phone to be productive? Isn’t that cheating? Aren’t you supposed to be putting your phone down?

Yes! Ironic, right?  But here’s how it works: The Do Not Disturb feature on your phone allows you to silence all notifications, dings, rings, and the pop up alerts that are always bombarding us throughout the day. It’s like putting your phone on mute, but better.  The drawback to putting your phone on silent is always wondering, ‘what if there is an emergency and my husband/wife/child/etc needs to reach me?’ That’s the most beautiful part of the Do Not Disturb feature… you can set the DND to let through the calls and texts from the people in your favorite contacts. So those people that might need to reach you if there’s an emergency? They can still get through. But everyone else, and especially all those annoying app alerts, all of those get muted so you can get your work done. It’s genius, I tell you. Turn the DND on when you need to get some work done, and off again once you’re finished. Once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

But Wait There’s More!

There’s another bonus to the DND feature. Scheduling. I set my Do Not Disturb feature to turn itself on automatically at 9pm and turn off at 8am. Genius. No more waking up in the middle of the night with some random text message and no more missing work calls in the morning because I forgot to turn the ringer back on. Automation is such a sweet gift and technology can be tamed to work in our favor!  Try it.

For All Your Tech Questions…

I googled around a little and it looks like this feature is available on both  iPhone and Android phones.  There are even apps available which provide even more features like making the DND work in tandem with your calendar! Unfortunately, I am not the tech guru to ask about the Do Not Disturb feature of your specific phone. My suggestion is to go to Google and type in ‘Do Not Disturb Galaxy Note 4’, or ‘Do Not Disturb iPhone 6’, or whatever your particular phone model happens to be.  Someone out there has undoubtedly already written a brilliant article or tutorial that will tell you anything you need to know. Just do a little digging. It shouldn’t be hard to figure out. If it is? Ask a more tech savvy friend or relative for help. And don’t forget to tell them why you need it. Share the Put Down Your Phone message with someone you love… 🙂

Put Down Your Phone... A #write31days series via by Michelle R. Acker

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