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Put Down Your Phone... A #write31days series via by Michelle R. Acker


Our phones are useful, convenient, and fun. But they are also sneaky time-stealers, huge sources of distraction, and damaging to our relationships. They are changing us, impacting our kids, and shaping our culture in an insidious way. Instead of letting our technology rule our lives, let’s build a legacy of healthy relationships, being present, and connecting with each other face to face. Isn’t that the legacy you want to leave? I know it is for me. Find the full story behind this series here.

Day # 8: Put Down Your Phone and Take a Nap

{ 31 Ways to Put Down Your Phone}

Psst: Join me over at my friend Katie’s place where I talk more about the three elements of The Art of Rest.  Check it out here, then come back and read today’s post, because who doesn’t love the luxury of a nap?!

This one I got right…

If I’ve done anything right as a mom and wife, it’s that I’ve taught my family the power and benefits of sleep, especially the power and importance of napping. In 2006, a new release at my local library titled Sleepless in America caught my attention and changed our lives. I’m not exaggerating about this, it was a huge boon to our family. I learned eye-opening information about being sleep deprived, and what I thought was my son’s endless energy was really him being over-tired. We learned the glorious pleasure of a family nap, and napping is our “put down your phone” project for today.

Put down your phone and take a nap

It’s no coincidence this post is appearing on a weekend. How many times have you wished you could take a nap, but not given yourself permission to do so?  How many times have you sat scrolling through a variety of meaningless information on your phone, too exhausted to go do anything else?

Go take a nap!!

If you’re like me, the answer is probably all too often. But today we’re going to change that. Set an alarm if you must, but put down your phone and lay down to nap, for at least 20 minutes. A 20 minute nap, what my husband calls a power nap, is all you need to boost your mood and improve your alertness.

The art of the nap

In a future series, we’ll explore together The Art of the Nap, including how moms and dads can get your kids to nap at any age. It’s possible, I promise! Both my 9 and 13 year olds came home this week after school and put themselves down for a nap, with no prodding from me! They’ve learned the value of sleep, and how much better they feel when they’re well rested.  Needless to say, it made my mama heart happy to see them taking care of themselves!

Remind yourself how great it feels to nap. Make your health and rest more important than your phone this weekend. 

Put Down Your Phone... A #write31days series via by Michelle R. Acker

Find the full Put Down Your Phone series here.

What happened to the rest of the series?
An apology and a promise

Life happens, and I’ve been in the weeds for months now.  I’m so sorry to have just dropped this series after just getting started. You deserve better than that, and I apologize. As much as I want to quickly finish up this series and get it to you, two things have been stopping me.  First, I simply haven’t had the bandwith and energy available to write the next posts in the series. I want to write it well, because this is such an important topic for all of us, and I just haven’t had the time and physical resources to do so over the last couple of months.  Second, the more I dig into and consider each topic in the series, the more I realize I want to spend extra time fleshing out each idea thoroughly, in order to offer you the best tools possible.

So here’s my promise:  I will finish this series for you, and I will do it well.  I don’t know how long that will take, so I’m not going to promise a deadline that I might not meet.  Instead, I’ll simply keep working on it, and get it in your hands as quickly as I can.  And, of course, each of you who subscribe here will still get your free copy once it’s finished, mailed to your inbox as a single collection.
Thanks for your grace and encouragement!

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