My goal in my writing spaces, both physically and virtually, is the same: to create a calm retreat from the chaos of the world. A retreat that is a state of mind more than it is a place. How that looks on the outside varies wildly from one day to the next, and even from one place to the next, but always the goal, the state of mind, remains the same:

Be still and know God more deeply.

State of Mind

My pretty little writing space is an oasis of stillness in the middle of our crazy house. It’s smack in the middle of our big living area. Before dawn, it’s my sanctuary of quiet time. Mid-day it’s my command center for sending emails, planning Declare Conference details or creating for our family business.  At night, while the kids play or watch TV, I sit in silence even amid the hub-bub, noise cancelling headphones blissfully in place, my favorite music or podcast the soundtrack for my work.

It’s not the setting, the privacy (or lack of it), or the quiet/noise of the space that sets the tone. Rather, the space itself is a reminder of a state of mind.  It reminds me to be still, be calm, and keep my focus and priorities in line. It’s my mind and perspective that hold the key, not the life going on in the environment around me.

I pray my new corner of the web to be that same reminder for you as well. A reminder to keep our priorities and focus in the right place. To seek calm. To be still, let go, relax, cease striving… To trust God and follow after him with wild obedience.

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